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  1. [图]Pixel 4首张拍摄样张公布:突显20倍变焦拍摄效果

  2. 为什么 Google Play 也要推订阅制?

  3. Kotlin 和 Java:Android 开发者更喜欢后者?

  4. Android Q迎来正式发布前的最后一个Beta版本

  5. 2019年8月Android安全补丁发布:共计修复26处安全漏洞


  1. 使用机器学习 HED 网络优化 SmartCropper 边缘检测

  2. When to load data in ViewModels

  3. 抖音研发实践:基于二进制文件重排的解决方案 APP启动速度提升超15%

  4. 关掉灯光,演出开始 -> 夜间模式来了

  5. Android 联手 Arm 击退内存漏洞

  6. Android Q 文本新功能

  7. 联系人字母导航集大成者


  1. InlineDimens

    Android dimension types as inline classes with easy conversions.

  2. Mockinizer

    A retrofit api call mocking library

  3. recyclical

    🚀 An easy-to-use, extensible Kotlin DSL for setting up and manipulating RecyclerViews.

  4. QuickPermissions-Kotlin

    The most easiest way to handle Android Runtime Permissions in Kotlin

  5. Sign In with Apple Button for Android

    An Android library for Sign In with Apple

  6. RoundCornerImageView
    An ImageView that supports rounded corners

  7. superFileView


  8. Maildroid
    a small robust android library for sending emails using SMTP server

  9. Kotlin Multiplatform Template

    Ready to go template for multiplatform Kotlin

  10. Lint-Checks

    A collection of helpful lint checks not available out of the box in Android Lint

  11. PlayPauseView


  12. RxCommon

    Multiplatform implementation of ReactiveX providing a common way to build one set of business logic for native, iOS, Javascript, Android, JVM, and other platforms.

  13. Bulldog

    Android library to simplify reading and writing to SharedPreferences, never write code like this anymore prefs.edit().putString("someKey","someString").apply()

  14. OnViewTouchHoldListener

    Android View.OnTouchListener implementation to get continuous asynchronous callbacks while touch being held down with desired polling rate.

  15. SimpleGenericAdapter

    A Simplified Adapter for RecyclerView


  1. Cracking Hackathon 经验分享


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